To combine maximum daylight and maximum insulation with sleek aesthetics, select our flat glass skylights with double- or triple-layered safety glass. With a modern design, these offer insulation, durability and safety.

Hybrid design combines glass and plastic elements to offer the benefits of both materials. The hybrid skylights comprise a compact insulated frame of impact-resistant PVC with embedded HR++ type super-insulated glass. These are sound- and burglar-proof, impact-resistant, and completely airtight and watertight.

Skylux skylights are available in a wide range of models in various materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonate and Heatstop. Skylights use different types of shells to create a variety of effects. 

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Choose style and elegance: Opt for a sleek glass solution!

Are you looking for a modern and sophisticated solution for your skylights? Meet our iWindow2 and iWindow3 systems. With sleek lines and high-quality glass, these solutions offer the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Enjoy abundant daylight and a beautiful view, while your interior gets a stylish upgrade. Discover the possibilities of our glass skylights today and create a refined and contemporary atmosphere in your home.

For new construction or complete renovation in a fixed execution

Bring natural light into your new construction project with iWindow2 Fixed. Enjoy a radiant home with this fixed skylight.

For new construction or complete renovation in an opening execution

Improve the ventilation in your new construction with iWindow2 Opening. Enjoy fresh air and a modern look.

For renovation with retention of existing curb in a fixed execution

Upgrade your renovation project with iWindow2 Fixed. Give your home a new dimension by replacing that old plastic dome.

For renovation with retention of existing curb in an opening execution

Optimize the airflow in your renovation with iWindow2 Flex. With the built-in opening system, the flex fits your existing curb.

Easily upgrade your dome

Replace your old dome without changing the curb!

Is your current dome worn out, or do you want to benefit from better insulation with more walls? Good news! With our solution, you can easily replace or upgrade your old dome without having to adjust the curb. Whether you're dealing with leaks, reduced insulation, or just ready for a fresh look, our innovative approach allows you to renew your dome without hassle. You save time and costs while enjoying improved light entry and insulation.

Enjoy a pleasant environment

Heat resistant for optimal comfort and safety

Discover the Heatstop dome, the ideal solution for a comfortable living environment. Thanks to the smart Heatstop layer, warming under the dome is minimized by blocking the sun's infrared rays. This keeps it cool inside, even on warm days. Moreover, the strong polycarbonate material offers maximum burglary resistance, with 250 times the impact resistance of glass of comparable thickness. Opt for the Heatstop dome and enjoy comfort and safety in one.

Do you want an unbreakable skylight?

Then polycarbonate (PC) is your best choice.

Our polycarbonate domes are up to 250 times more impact-resistant than glass of comparable thickness, which is why they are also called armor domes. This makes them resistant not only to burglars but also to natural disasters such as severe hailstorms. Moreover, they are highly transparent, and the color and light transmission are preserved thanks to UV resistance. Opt for reliability and clarity with our polycarbonate skylights.

Would you like to see how we produce skylights with unparalleled quality?

Discover how Skylux elevates the production of plastic domes to a new level with automated processes. Enhanced efficiency and accuracy ensure high-quality domes that meet the highest quality standards. Learn more about our advanced production methods and the benefits they offer for your projects.

Full control and functionality: Discover the Accessories

Complete your experience with our extensive selection of accessories. From interior sun protection to blackout options and electric insect screens - we offer a variety of options to meet your needs. Enjoy ultimate control, functionality, and comfort in combination with your skylight(s).

Interior sun protection

Create a cozy ambiance and regulate the light intake as desired with our stylish interior sun protection, specially designed for skylights.

Elektrisch Screen 230V 0400 x 0400 mm

Blackout Blind

Enjoy optimal sleep or create the perfect environment thanks to our high-quality blackout solutions for skylights and flat roof windows.

Insect screen

Keep annoying insects out and enjoy fresh air without worries. Our electric insect screens offer convenient and effective protection.